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Advisory Committee


Steven Cordovano

(203) 952-6373

Mr. Cordovano has worked in portfolio management for more than 25 years. After selling a publishing company he founded, Mr. Cordovano began his financial services career in the Capital Markets division of Shearson Lehman Brothers in...
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Rush Howe Sr

(239) 565-5760

A veteran of Wall Street, Mr. Howe had a successful career as a Financial Consultant at Merrill Lynch from 1970-2004 when he retired as Vice President, to manage his own investments. He graduated from Duquesne University and served in...

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Jack O'Dea

Strategic Worldwide, Founding Member/CEO

(917) 670-9051


Mr. O'Dea is CEO and Founding Partner of Strategic Worldwide LLC, an introducing broker for alternative investments. Mr. O'Dea was instrumental in developing commodity related hedging products in Asia in the 1980's and launching Asia's...
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