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Investment Services

HarborView Capital specializes in global investing.  While statistics show global investing can over time be a profitable endeavor global investing is fraught with volatility and risk.  Having an advisor with a proven track record in negotiating the many global risks is critical. 

HarborView Capital brings that expertise and experience to its clients.  Which is where our investment process starts - with the client.  

Getting to know our clients, their personal stories and situations, help us determine what their financial goals really are.  (When well considered many clients actual tolerance for risk is much lower than they initially think!)

Thru this process the client’s investment objective and optimal asset allocations are defined, while understanding that in many cases these evolve over time.  (We encourage clients to contact us in the event of any material change in their financial situations.)

Once the basic investment framework is established HarborView Capital gets to work.  Using our proprietary quantitative tools, which help us invest/manage risk, and macro analysis, we build investment portfolios for each client.

HarborView Capital has two objectives that take top priority when building investment portfolio’s and managing risk:

  • 1) Principal protection is our first objective.  Minimizing drawdowns in account value are crucial to clients meeting their investment objectives. A 50% loss in account value requires a 100% gain in account value just to break even.  Most recently the S&P500 fell 51% from its peak in October 2007 to its trough in March 2009.
  • 2) The second objective – executing suitable investment exposures in accordance with the clients optimal asset allocation and in appropriate size (ie $ amounts).

The investment products HarborView Capital employs include, but are not limited to, foreign & domestic equities, foreign & domestic fixed income securities, preferred & convertible bonds, REITs, ETFs, closed-end funds, mutual funds & foreign exchange.  We employ various option strategies when appropriate and suitable. 

HarborView Capital also offers clients precious metals services. For more information please contact us at or call us at 203-858-5286.

Fee-only compensation: Our advisor fees are transparent, and we do not sell commissions-based products. The only compensation we receive comes from our clients.

On-going client support: HarborView Capital provides quarterly portfolio reports to every client, and we review accounts on an ongoing basis. We have an open-door policy for clients, and we encourage them to contact us with any financial questions or material changes in their financial situation.