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HarborView Capital’s Precious Metals Services

We strongly encourage clients hold at least 5% of their investable assets in gold and other hard assets as insurance against the devaluing of fiat currencies (i.e. paper money). While this can take the form of ETF's (like IAU) or mining shares, we recommend clients also hold physical metals.

For clients who hold a portion of their precious metals in allocated form, Harborview Capital employs Gold Bullion International (GBI), an institutional precious metals dealer, who offers a convenient and direct way to buy, store, and sell gold, silver, platinum, and palladium.

GBI provides both onshore and offshore vaulting locations, including Zurich, London, Sydney, New York, Salt Lake City, Toronto and Singapore.

Thru Harborview Capital's institutional relationship with GBI, clients can benefit from lower transaction costs and storage/insurance rates (we actually have yet to find a lower cost way to store precious metals).

HarborView Capital has the ability to streamline and service the client account in an automated fashion. All precious metals are fully allocated and registered by client account. Clients have the ability to move their metals to other storage locations, or take delivery at any time (including upon ordering).

Buying or selling thru GBI is as easy as buying or selling IAU or GLD. Once an order is placed thru GBI’s website GBI bids your order to a network of precious metals dealers who transact in refinery and fabrication brands recognized on the London Bullion Market Association (LBMA) good delivery list, in addition to sovereign coins. They compete for your business, ensuring you get the best available execution.

The metal is then stored in world-class private vaults and audited by an independent accounting firm. Insurance is provided through Lloyds of London. Clients also have the ability to verify their precious metals holdings.

On a case-by case basis, GBI will also accept clients existing holdings of precious metals, if they choose to move their metals from current locations.

Clients can open accounts and own physical metals in Traditional and ROTH IRA’s as well.

For US investors, there's an added bonus: for metal stored offshore, you are exempt from IRS and Treasury Department reporting requirements regarding foreign financial accounts and assets. Why? Because your HarborView Capital/GBI account is a U.S. based account and therefore not subject to reporting. This solves the problem for the investor who would like to store bullion outside the U.S. but is put off by the burdensome and often-confusing reporting paperwork and deadlines.

Please contact HarborView Capital for more information at or call us at 203-956-4889.